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Out of the Desert and Over the Sea.
Sailed Our Way Here in a Sieve Did We.
"LJ is cleaning house again, this is to prevent this journal from being removed".
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"LJ is cleaning house, this is to prevent this journal from being removed".
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The Naming of Kittens is a Serious Matter
In Milliways.

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Considering the fact that the Jumblies are stuck in Milliways they've settled in nicely. After finding out (mostly) how Bar worked they seem to have settled in without too much bother. A basket has been procured for them, whether it's begged, borrowed or stolen hasn't yet come up, but basket there is. Full of rags. That may not sound very apealling to a human, but in Jumblie-terms this basket full of torn cloth is a comfy, warm nest. They all sleep in it, bundled up together. They burrow in between layers of fabric, wrapping it about themselves, and sink into peaceful slumber.

This is of course, merely when they are tired. During the daylight hours, although the bar does keep odd time, they forage. Hunt and kill small creatures in the woodlands, bring them back, feast. They do not like to rely on Bar for their sustanance. They're pretty sure Bar doesn't like them relying on her either. They also fish in the lake, sieve-craft skimming over the surface of the water, not unlike tiny hovercraft. Their methods are odd, awkward, especially because they never touch the fish until they are back on dry land, but a team of skilled hydrophobes can lure the fish into the nets quite easily, and then it's all really just a matter of getting back to the shore and hauling the whole craft, nets and all, from the water.

They try to trade, but mostly they eat the fish they catch. They have been busy though, the younger ones have been sent out to find glass-sand. Fine pure grains that will magick properly into the twisting shapes that they can create with their minds. Some have been successful, others have not. Their store of 'things' grows daily, those things which are theirs are placed with Bar, until such time as they are needed. She is good at looking after 'things' after all.

...Continued in Bar...


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